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Endler, A.

Paper Title Page
THO1B03 Dynamics of Intense Inhomogeneous Charged Particle Beams 585
  • R. Pakter, A. Endler, F.B. Rizzato, E.G. Souza
    IF-UFRGS, Porto Alegre
  • R.P. Nunes
    UFPel, Pelotas

In this paper, the dynamics of inhomogeneous high-intensity charged particles beams is investigated. While for homogeneous beams the whole system oscillates with a single frequency, any inhomogeneity leads to propagating transverse density waves which eventually result in a singular density build up, causing wave breaking and jet formation*. A theory is presented which allows to analytically calculate the time at which the wave breaking takes place. It also gives a good estimate of the time necessary for the beam to relax into the final stationary state consisting of a cold core surrounded by a halo of highly energetic particles. The halo size and emittance growth are estimated using a core-particle type analysis where the inhomogeneous core density evolution is determined based on an average Lagrangian approach**. The role of envelope mismatches in the wave breaking process is also studied. The analysis reveals that the wave breaking time is very susceptible to the mismatch; judiciously chosen mismatches can largely extend beam lifetimes***.

*Anderson, Rosenzweig, PRST AB 3, 094201 (2000); Rizzato, Pakter, Levin, Phys Plas 14, 110701 (2007).
**Nunes, Pakter, etal, Phys Plas 16, 033107 (2009).
***Souza, etal , APL 96, 141503 (2010).


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