Author: Preveraud, N.
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MOC3 Charge Breeding Time Studies With Short Pulse Beam Injection 24
  • J. Angot, M.A. Baylac, J. Jacob, T. Lamy, N. Preveraud, P. Sole, T. Thuillier
    LPSC, Grenoble Cedex, France
  • O.A. Tarvainen
    JYFL, Jyväskylä, Finland
  Investigations on the Charge Breeding (CB) time have been done with the PHOENIX ECR Charge Breeder. The traditional measurement method consists in generating a 1+ ion beam rise front and measuring the time to reach 90% of the final steady N+ ion beam intensity. In order to study the possible self-consistent effects of the accumulation of injected ions in the plasma and to better understand the 1+N+ process, short 1+ pulses were injected and the time resolved N+ beam responses were measured. Several experimental campaigns were performed with different elements and configurations. The effect of several parameters was studied like the amplitude and the width of the pulse. The measurements were also used to estimate the 1+N+ efficiencies in the case of radioactive species. The new short pulse CB time method and the experimental results will be presented.  
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