EPAC1992 Keywords
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Keyword: cw

Title Other Keywords Page
Review of Continuous Beam Electron Machines accelerator, electron, linac, target 27
  • M. Promé (CEA)
An Accelerator for Testing Superconducting RF Structures accelerator, electron, feedback, field 52
  • J. M. Cavedon, B. Aune, Ph. Bredy, S. Chel, M. Desmons, J. Gastebois, F. Gougnaud, J. F. Gournay, M. Jablonka, J. M. Joly, F. P. Juster, E. Klein, Ph. Leconte, A. Mosnier, B. Phung, H. Safa (DAPNIA/SEA-CE, Saclay), S. Buhler, T. Junquera (IPN, Orsay)
From MAMI to the Polytrons - Microtrons in the 10 GeV Range emittance, field, linac, microtron 247
  • H. Herminghaus (Weiler/Bingen)
Review of the Superconducting Approach to Linear Colliders field, linac, luminosity, thermal 378
  • H. Padamsee (Cornell University)
The Ifusp Racetrack Microtron electron, field, linac, microtron 429
  • J. Takahashi, J. C. A. Alcon, A. Bonini, J. M. Junior, J. M. Machado, A. A. Malafronte, M. N. Martins, Y. Miyao (Instituto de Física da Universidade de Sao Paulo (IFUSP), Brazil)
Development of a CW Electron Linac Structure Using a Traveling-Wave Resonant Ring accelerator, electron, klystron, linac 533
  • I. Sato, A. Enomoto, E. Ezura, H. Kobayashi, K. Nakahara, H. Nakanishi, S. Noguchi, S. Ohsawa, M. Ono, K. Takata, S. Yamaguchi, S. Yoshimoto (KEK), T. Emoto, Y. Himeno, K. Hirano, H. Oshita, S. Toyama, Y. L. Wang (Power Reactor & Nuclear Fuel Corp., Oarai Eng. Center), K. Konashi, N. Sasao (Power Reactor & Nuclear Fuel Development Corp., Takai Works)
Longitudinal Splitting of Bunches in a Cyclotron by Superposition of Different RF Harmonics cyclotron, extraction, field, linac 590
  • R. E. Laxdal (TRIUMF), W. Joho (PSI, Villigen)
A 1 MW Free Electron Maser for Fusion Applications electron, gun, undulator, waveguide 629
  • W. H. Urbanus, R. W. B. Best, A. G. A. Verhoeven, M. J. van der Wiel (FOM-Institute for Plasma Physics, "Rijnhuizen" Nieuwegein), A. A. Varfolomeev (Institute for Atomic Energy, Moscow), V. L. Bratman, G. G. Denisov (Institute of Applied Physics, Novgorod), M. Caplan (LLNL)
RF Driven Multicusp Ion Source for Particle Accelerator Applications electron, extraction, ion, plasma 1038
  • K. N. Leung, D. A. Bachman, D. S. McDonald (LBNL)
Commissioning and Operation of One Booster and Two Storage Ring RF Acceleration Units at the ESRF booster, commissioning, injection, klystron 1182
  • J. Jacob, P. Barbier, D. Boilot, C. David, G. Gautier, J. -L. Revol, J. -M. Rigal, D. Vial (ESRF), H. Hoberg, H. K. Knobbe, H. Nöldge (Herfurth GmBH), U. Behrens (SCS CAP Gemini GmbH)
Operational Experience and Recent Upgrading of TRISTAN High Power CW Klystrons accelerator, cathode, klystron, vacuum 1206
  • S. Isagawa, M. Ono, Y. Takeuchi, M. Yoshida, S. Yoshimoto (KEK), Y. Imaizumi, Y. Kawakami, K. Kobayashi, K. Ohya, T. Okamoto (KEK and Toshiba Corp.)
60 kW CW (500 MHz) with a Standard TV-Klystron electron, klystron, radiation, synchrotron 1212
  • S. Grote (Philips RHW)
Application of Superconducting Cavities to the Collider Rings of the SSC acceleration, collider, coupling, photon 1251
  • G. Schaffer (SSCL)
Design and Fabrication of Normal Conducting Accelerator Sections accelerator, electron, field, light source 1343
  • D. Kiehlmann, M. Peiniger, H. Vogel (Siemens AG, Accelerator and Magnet Technology, Bergisch Gladbach)
Magnet Design and Performance for the CEBAF Beam Transport System accelerator, field, multipole, thermal 1350
  • L. Harwood, G. Biallas, A. Guerra, W. Heilbrunn, J. Karn (CEBAF)
A High Voltage Resonant Converter for Pulsed Magnets damping, impedance, kicker, resonance 1429
  • F. S. Rafael, J. Apfelbaum, A. C. Lira, J. A. Pomilio (Laboratório Nacional de Luz Sincrotron, Brazil)