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Keyword: factory

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Lithography Production Techniques for next Generations of Microelectronics field, ion, synchrotron, x-ray 192
  • A. Heuberger (Fraunhofer-Institut für Mikrostrukurtechnik, Berlin)
Down Sampled Signal Processing for a B Factory Bunch-by-Bunch Feedback System damping, equilibrium, feedback, kicker 1067
  • H. Hindi, D. Briggs, J. Fox, W. Hosseini, A. Hutton (SLAC)
The Perspectives of Applications of the Fast-acting Varactor with Low Losses in High-Current Cyclic and Linear Accelerators accelerator, booster, ferrite, field 1242
  • V. A. Konovalov, M. A. Kuznetsov, B. P. Murin (Moscow Radiotechnical Institute), V. V. Paramonov, Yu. V. Senichev (Institute for Nuclear Research)
Magnetic Field Measurement of the Moscow Meson Factory Experimental Area Magnets field, proton, quadrupole, radiation 1353
  • M. Akopyan, V. Aseev, V. Gorbunov, M. Gratchev, V. Yabzhanov, I. Zaikovski (INR, Moscow)
Injection System for the PEP II Asymmetric B Factory at SLAC extraction, injection, linac, positron 1443
  • T. Fieguth, E. Bloom, F. Bulos, W. Davies-White, M. Donald, K. Fairfield, G. Godfrey, R. Holtzapple, A. Hutton, G. Loew, R. Miller, B. Sukiennicki, H. Wen (SLAC), M. Ronan, M. Zisman (SLAC and LBL)