EPAC1990 Keywords
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Keyword: booster

Title Other Keywords Page
Review of Electrostatic Accelerators and LINAC Boosters accelerator, field, ion, linac 87
  • H. G. Price (Daresbury Laboratory)
Review of Kaon Factories accelerator, factory, injection, linac 107
  • A. Astbury (Dept. Physics and Astronomy, University of Victoria, Canada)
Research and Development for the 8 GeV Booster Synchrotron field, linac, synchrotron, vacuum 412
  • H. Ohtsuka, K. Ashida, T. Harami, H. Hashimoto, M. Iizuka, M. Kabasawa, K. Nakayama, T. Shimada, H. Suzuki, Y. Suzuki, K. Yamada, H. Yokomizo, H. Yoshikawa (JAERI)
Upgrading 70 GeV IHEP Accelerator as UNK Injector accelerator, injection, ion, vacuum 415
  • A. S. Gurevich, E. A. Myae, V.G. Tishin, E.F. Troyanov (IHEP Moscow)
Superconducting Booster Cyclotron Studies at GANIL cyclotron, field, injection, septum 431
  • C. Bieth, P. Bricault, A. Chabert, M. Duval, J. Ferme, A. Joubert, M.H. Moscatello, F. Ripouteau (GANIL)
DELTA, The Dortmund Electron Test Storage Ring Accelerator accelerator, field, ion, synchrotron 463
  • J. Friedl (Univ. of Dortmund)
Coupled Transmission Line Higher Order Mode Damper coupling, damping, factory, impedance 979
  • T. Enegren, R.L. Poirier, W.R. Smythe (TRIUMF, Vancouver & Univ. of Colorado)
A Perpendicular AC Biased Ferrite Tuned Cavity for the TRIUMF Kaon Facotry Booster Synchrotron ferrite, field, ion, synchrotron 988
  • R. L. Poirier, I. Enchevich, T.A. Enegren, C. Haddock (TRIUMF, Vancouver, BC)
A Second Radio-Frequency Harmonic in the U-70 Booster acceleration, feedback, ferrite, injection 1020
  • V. K. Vorobjev, E. V. Klimenkov, V. M. Mokhov, E. S. Nelipovich (IHEP, Protvino)
Magnet Waveforms for the TRIUMF Kaon Factory Synchrotrons acceleration, field, focusing, tune 1183
  • M. K. Craddock, R. Baartman (TRIUMF)
The ELETTRA Linac-to-Storage Ring Transfer Line injection, lattice, linac, quadrupole 1294
  • D. Einfeld, F. Iazzourene (Sincrotrone Trieste)
Synchro-Betatron Resonances in the Presence of Tune Modulation betatron, resonance, synchrotron, tune 1627
  • R. Baartman, U. Wienands (TRIUMF)
Intrisic Space Charge Resonances and the Space Charge Limit accelerator, field, resonance, simulation 1658
  • G. Parzen (BNL)
Simplified Calculations for Beam Optics and Dynamics of the Saclay Superconducting Linac Booster coupling, field, ion, optics 1750
  • G. Ramstein, J. Roos (CEN Saclay)
A Multiple Expansion for the Field of Vacuum Chamber Eddy Currents field, multipole, synchrotron, vacuum 1771
  • S. Y. Lee (BNL)