Author: Muttoni, Y.
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WEPEA041 Actions To Mitigate The Radiation Damage to Electronics at the LHC 2591
  • A.-L. Perrot, M.B.M. Barberan Marin, J.-P. Corso, K. Foraz, M. Lazzaroni, Y. Muttoni
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  The level of flux of hadrons with energy in the multi MeV range expected from the collisions at the LHC interaction Points 1, 5 and 8 and from the collimation system at Point 7 will induce Single Event Errors (SEEs) in the standard electronics present in many of the control equipment installed in LHC underground. Furthermore, a risk of SEEs induced by thermal neutrons cannot be excluded. Such events would perturb the LHC operation, possibly leading to a stop of the machine. Main mitigation actions will be implemented during the first LHC Long Shutdown of 2013/2014 (LS1) to reduce the SEE occurrence. This paper summarizes the mitigation measures and their associated foreseen improvements in terms of SEEs. It presents the organization process and associated planning highlighting the impacts with the overall LHC LS1 planning and the main concerns during implementation.  
THPWO078 Status of the Upgrade of the CERN PS Booster 3939
  • K. Hanke, O. Aberle, M. E. Angoletta, W. Bartmann, S. Bartolome, E. Benedetto, C. Bertone, A. Blas, P. Bonnal, J. Borburgh, D. Bozzini, A.C. Butterworth, C. Carli, E. Carlier, J.R.T. Cole, P. Dahlen, M. Delonca, T. Dobers, A. Findlay, R. Froeschl, J. Hansen, D. Hay, S. Jensen, J.-M. Lacroix, P. Le Roux, L.A. Lopez Hernandez, C. Maglioni, A. Masi, G.W. Mason, S.J. Mathot, B. Mikulec, Y. Muttoni, A. Newborough, D. Nisbet, S. Olek, M.M. Paoluzzi, A. Perillo-Marcone, S. Pittet, B. Puccio, V. Raginel, B. Riffaud, I. Ruehl, A. Sarrió Martínez, J. Tan, B. Todd, V. Venturi, W.J.M. Weterings
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  The CERN PS Booster (PSB) is presently undergoing an ambitious consolidation and upgrade program within the frame of the LHC Injectors Upgrade (LIU) project. This program comprises a new injection scheme for H ions from CERN’s new Linac4, the replacement of the main RF systems and an energy upgrade of the PSB rings from 1.4 to 2.0 GeV which includes the replacement of the main magnet power supply as well as the upgrade of the extraction equipment. This paper describes the status and plans of this work program.