Author: Lu, Y.L.
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MOPFI029 The Construction Progress of Beijing Radioactive Ion-beam Facility 345
  • T.J. Zhang, Shizhong. An, B.Q. Cui, Z.G. Li, Y.L. Lu, C.H. Peng, F. Yang
    CIAE, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  The Beijing Radioactive Ion-Beam Facility (BRIF) is being constructed at CIAE. The project consists of a 100 MeV high intensity cyclotron CYCIAE-100, an ISOL system with a mass resolution of 20000, and a superconducting booster. The construction of the building was started on April 28, 2011 and the roof was sealed on Jan. 16, 2012. The on-site installation conditions have been ready since Sept. 27, 2012. Up to now, the fabrication of all major components for CYCIAE-100 have been completed, including the main magnet system, the RF system, ion source and injection, main vacuum, etc. The equipment fabrication for the ISOL system has been completed and magnetic mapping and shimming is being performed on the large-scale analysis magnet. The fabrication of the major components for the superconducting booster has been accomplished, and the work on copper-niobium sputtering is under way. At present, the installation and assembly is in full swing and the beam commissioning is to predicted to be finished in mid 2013. Taking advantage of the experiences accumulated on the CRM cyclotron with beam up to 430 uA, it is likely that the first beams of 100 MeV can be achieved by the end of 2013.  
THPFI019 Main Magnet Installation for CYCIAE-100 3336
  • Y.L. Lu, W. Jing, Z.H. Wang, T.J. Zhang
    CIAE, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  The CYCIAE-100 proton cyclotron being constructed in CIAE is designed to extract the proton beam of 100MeV and 200uA. The main magnet is the importantest part of the cyclotron. The diameter of the CYCIAE-100 main magnet is 6160mm. Its height is 3860mm. Its total weight is about 416 tons, and the largest part is about 170 tons. The beamline of CYCIAE-100 will be connected to the HI-13 tandem accelerator at CIAE. So, the CYCIAE-100 main magnet should be installed accurately. The vertical tolerance of the CYCIAE-100 main magnet is 0.20mm, and the horizontal tolerance is 0.50mm. The CYCIAE-100 main magnet is located in an underground building which level is -4m. There is a horizontal hole on the west wall of the accelerator building. All parts of the main magnet had been transported through this horizontal hole. The CYCIAE-100 main magnet had been installed in November 2012 at CIAE. In fact the error of installation is: the vertical 0.10mm, the horizontal 0.20mm. The installation process will be shown in this paper.