Author: Liu, X.J.
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THPEA019 A Method of Implementing HIRFL-CSR Chopper Controls 3185
  • K. Gu, S. An, X.J. Liu, W. Zhang
    IMP, Lanzhou, People's Republic of China
  A method of implementing controls of chopper for HIRFL-CSR (Heavy Ion Research Facility of Lanzhou and Cooler Storage Rings) is introduced. This method is based on an ARM and DSP co-operation system. The control algorithm of this method is based on a data structure which is defined and implemented in the DSP module. Output data is created by the control algorithm and the actually pulse output is triggered by a timer which is achieved through a logic circuit actualized in a FPGA chip. The results show that the method is flexible and the control system matches the chopper regulating requirements.  
THPEA020 The Design for Presetting Data Automatically in HIRFL Power Supply Control System 3187
  • X.J. Liu, Y. Chen, K. Gu, A. Shi, J.Q. Wu, F. Yang, W. Zhang
    IMP, Lanzhou, People's Republic of China
  This article introduces the structure of power supply in HIRFL(Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou) and designs a program which can preset power supply data automatically. We use Labview which is produced by NI Corporation to read Excel, access the Oracle database and send the generated instructions to power supply controllers. This program brings great convenience to physicists. It is used in SSC(Separated Sector Cyclotron) power supply system. The result shows that we can preset data quickly and accurately.  
THPEA021 A Platform Control System for 320 kV HV Platform 3189
  • W. Zhang, K. Gu, J.Y. Li, X.J. Liu
    IMP, Lanzhou, People's Republic of China
  This article describes the platform control system applied to the Chinese Academy of 320KV HV platform for highly charged ions. This system is composed of the hardware and the software. The hardware is composed of the network controller based on ATmega128 core chip. Our control group has designed the network controller for controlling the different types of equipment on the platform. The control system achieves the reliability, stability control of the different types of equipment on the HV platform, and control of the network, improve operational efficiency. The software uses NI Corporation's LABVIEW to program user interface. We have established for the application modules of the network controller in the LABVIEW and realized the optimization of the network controller to configure and use. The platform control system has run three years in the 320KV HV platform.