Author: Feldmeier, E.
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MOPWA001 Development of a High Precision Integrator for Analog Signals to Measure Magnetic Fields in Realtime 661
  • E. Feldmeier, Th. Haberer
    HIT, Heidelberg, Germany
  For the Magnetic Field Control of the synchrotron at the Heidelberg Ion Therapy Centre the magnetic fields are measured with a pickup coil along the beam pipe. The induced pickup voltage, corresponding to changes in the magnetic field, has to be integrated in realtime to determine the actual field. A high precision integrator has been developed to measure fields with an accuracy of 4ppm over 10 seconds. This new integrator has a very low drift and calibrates during the measurement. It is the fastest and most accurate integrator for integrating analoge voltages in realtime.  
WEPME010 Patient-specific Intensity-modulation of a Slowly Extracted Beam at the HIT Synchrotron 2944
  • C. Schömers, E. Feldmeier, Th. Haberer, J. Naumann, R.E. Panse, A. Peters
    HIT, Heidelberg, Germany
  Since 2009 more than 1100 tumour patients have been treated at the Heidelberg Ion Therapy-Centre (HIT). The HIT synchrotron produces a library of energy, focus and intensity-variable pencil beams used to deliver dose distributions of utmost conformity to irregularly shaped target volumes. The required number of particles for each volume element of the tumour, which can vary by more than two magnitudes, is applied using the rasterscan technology. The irradiation-time and thus the patient throughput are highly sensitive to the achieved spill-structure driven by RF-Knockout extraction. Presently unfavourable fluctuations of the extracted intensity due to inhomogeneous phase space distribution of the beam are present. Recently a feedback-loop coupling the dose-defining ionisation chamber in front of the patient with the RF-Exciter was implemented allowing for the adaptation of the extracted intensity to the patient-specific treatment plan in real-time. The technical implementation and the impact on the clinical operation will be discussed.  
THXB201 Novel Techniques and Challenges in Hadron Therapy 3112
  • Th. Haberer, E. Feldmeier, M. Galonska, A. Peters, C. Schömers
    HIT, Heidelberg, Germany
  This talk should review novel techniques and challenges for beam delivery systems with various beam scanning methods (such as 3D scanning, 4D scanning and so on) to conform the beam dose to the tumor shape in proton and carbon ion therapy, as developed by PSI, GSI, HIMAC, IMP etc. Besides traditional accelerators such as cyclotrons and synchrotrons, the talk should review the technical challenges and prospects for future compact hadron therapy accelerators such as DWA, laser accelerators and so on.  
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