Author: Fann, S.
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MOPEA061 Operation Experience at Taiwan Light Source 220
  • Y.-C. Liu, H.H. Chen, H.C. Chen, S. Fann, S.J. Huang, J.A. Li, C.C. Liang, Y.K. Lin, Y.-H. Lin, M.-S. Yeh
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  A matrix structure has been implemented for the purpose of successful operation of TLS and continuous progress of Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) construction. A dedicated and flexible manpower distribution has proven it could keep as same performance of TLS operation as possible. We will summarize the machine operation experience at TLS during TPS civil construction period.  
WEPWA052 A Gun to Linac Operation Analysis of the Taiwan Light Source Injector 2235
  • H.C. Chen, H.H. Chen, S. Fann, S.J. Huang, J.A. Li, C.C. Liang, Y.K. Lin, Y.-C. Liu
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  A response surface methodology (RSM) was used to study the gun to linac optimization process of the Taiwan Light Source (TLS) injector at the National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC). A study model, based on artificial neural network (ANN) theory, which uses electron beam tuning knobs as variables, was constructed. An optimization procedure was developed by designating electron beam efficiency as the objective function and the selected beam tuning knobs as the variables. The theoretical model and optimization procedure were both implemented to evaluate the model. By properly applying the constructed optimization procedure, the beam efficiency was improved. This report outlines the details of the gun to linac optimization process experiment.  
THPEA052 TLS Operation Information Management: Automatic Logging Tools 3261
  • C.C. Liang, H.C. Chen, J. Chen, C.K. Chou, S. Fann, K.T. Hsu, K.H. Hu, J.A. Li, D. Lin, T.F. Lin, Y.K. Lin, Y.-C. Liu, C.Y. Wu
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • Y.-C. Liu
    NTHU, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  The Taiwan Light Source (TLS) has been operated in the Top-up mode since October 2005 and has maintained a beam current of 360mA since 2010. Several essential parameters and waveforms are constantly recorded as routine accelerator operation reference. Therefore, five LabVIEW-based data and waveform logging software programs have been developed for the purpose of preliminary diagnose at the TLS. In this report, certain actual cases in regular operation are presented.