Author: Tanimura, K.
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FRXBB01 Femtosecond Electron Guns for Ultrafast Electron Diffraction 4170
  • J. Yang, K. Kan, T. Kondoh, N. Naruse, K. Tanimura, Y. Yoshida
    ISIR, Osaka, Japan
  • J. Urakawa
    KEK, Ibaraki, Japan
  This talk should describe the development of electron guns for producing femtosecond electron pulses with low (<0.1 micron) emittance, for ultrafast electron diffraction. Comparisons should be made between the systems developed by groups in Asia, Europe and America, outlining any similarities and contrasts. The focus should be on the technology for generating, accelerating, and controlling the bunches, but some description of the science applications should also be included. Finally, prospects for future developments should be considered.  
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