Author: Okumura, S.
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TUOAA02 Focusing Charged Particle Beams Using Multipole Magnets in a Beam Transport Line 1062
  • Y. Yuri, I. Ishibori, T. Ishizaka, S. Okumura, T. Yuyama
    JAEA/TARRI, Gunma-ken, Japan
  The intensity distribution of a charged-particle beam is transformed by applying the nonlinear focusing force of a multipole magnet. In this paper, the transformation of the transverse intensity distribution due to the second-order sextupole and third-order octupole focusing force in the beam transport line is explored. As a measure of the distribution transformation induced by the multipole magnets, the beam centroid displacement and the change of the beam size have been analytically derived using the distribution function of the beam. It is numerically verified how the transverse distribution of the beam is transformed by the multipole magnets. As an application of the distribution transformation by nonlinear focusing, a uniform beam can be formed from a Gaussian beam using multipole magnets. The current status and future plan of the experiment on the uniform-beam formation at the cyclotron facility in Japan Atomic Energy Agency will be shown.  
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