Author: Yano, Y.
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WECL1 Optical Fiber Based Beam Loss Monitor for Electron Storage Ring 638
  • T. Obina, Y. Yano
    KEK, Ibaraki, Japan
  A beam loss monitor using optical fibers has been developed to determine the turn-by-turn loss point of an injected beam at the Photon Factory (PF) 2.5-GeV electron storage ring. Large-core optical fibers were installed along the vacuum chamber of the storage ring that cover the entire storage ring continuously. There are many kinds of beam loss monitors for high energy accelerators, such as PIN diode detector, ionization chamber using coaxial cable, Cherenkov light detector, etc. Among these methods, optical fibers are suitable to determine the beam loss point because of the ease of covering the entire ring with them, they have better time and position resolution, and they are cost effective. In this report, review of beam loss monitors for electron storage rings and LINACs are reported at first, then the result of the optical-fiber beam loss monitor at the KEK-PF are reported. Long-term deterioration by radiation is also reported.  
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