Author: Ganter, R.
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WEA03 SwissFEL Status Report 567
  • R. Ganter
    PSI, Villigen PSI, Switzerland
  SwissFEL is a 5.8 GeV linac which sends electron bunches at 100 Hz into a 60 m long in-vacuum undulator line to produce hard X-rays between 0.1 nm and 0.7 nm. The SwissFEL accelerator design is based on a low emittance beam with tight tolerances on RF stability. The first lasing of SwissFEL is planned for early 2017 and two end-stations should then be brought into operation in the same year. The delivery of the SwissFEL building to PSI is planned for fall this year, but some rooms are already completed and currently in use for components assembly. The production of the C-band RF accelerating structures has now reach the nominal rate of 5 structures/month. Two different RF solid state modulator prototypes could demonstrate jitter lower than 20 ppm but stability and reliability tests are still going on. The undulators assembly and measurement sequence have started and 13 undulators are planned to be ready in the tunnel by October 2016. Large series of components like magnets, vacuum systems and mechanical supports are already in house and under assembly. Photonics components for two beamlines and two end stations are ordered and planned to be ready for 2017.  
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