Author: Sun, L.T.
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TU1PB01 High Intensity Operation for Heavy Ion Cyclotron of Highly Charged ECR Ion Sources 125
  • L.T. Sun
    IMP, Lanzhou, People's Republic of China
  Modern advanced ECR ion source can provide stable and reliable high charge state ion beams for the routine operation of a cyclotron, which has made it irreplaceable, particularly with regard to the performance and efficiency that a cyclotron complex could achieve with the ion source. The 3rd generation ECR ion sources that can produce higher charge state and more intense ion beams have been developed and put into cyclotron operation since early 21st century. They have provided the privilege for the cyclotron performance improvement that has never been met before, especially in term of the delivered beam intensity and energy, which has greatly promoted the experimental research in nuclear physics. This paper will have a brief review about the development of modern high performance high charge state ECR ion sources. Typical advanced high charge state ECR ion sources with fully superconducting magnet, such as SERSE, VENUS, SECRAL, SuSI and RIKEN SC-ECRIS will be presented, and their high intensity operation status for cyclotrons will be introduced as well.  
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