Author: Longhitano, A.
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TU2PB02 The New Axial Buncher at INFN-LNS 147
  • A.C. Caruso, G. Gallo, A. Longhitano
    INFN/LNS, Catania, Italy
  • F. Consoli
    Associazione Euratom-ENEA sulla Fusione, Frascati (Rome), Italy
  • P.Z. Li
    CIAE, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  • J. Sura
    Warsaw University, Warsaw, Poland
  A new axial buncher for the K-800 superconducting cyclotron is under construction at LNS. This new device will replace the present buncher installed along the vertical beam line, inside the yoke of the cyclotron at about half a metre from the medium plane. Maintenance and technical inspection are very difficult to carry out in this situation. The new buncher will still be placed along the axial beam line, just before the bottom side of the cyclotron yoke. It consists of a drift tube driven by a sinusoidal RF signal in the range of 15-50 MHz, a matching box, an amplifier, and an electronic control system. A more accurate mechanical design of the beam line portion will allow for the direct electric connection of the matching box to the ceramic feed-through and drift tube. This particular design will minimize, or totally avoid, any connection through coaxial transmission line. It will reduce the entire geometry, the total RF power and the maintenance. In brief, the new axial buncher will be a compact system including beam line portion, drift tube, ceramic feed-through, matching box, amplifier and control system interface in a single structure.  
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