Author: Li, M.
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TUPSH002 Design and Construction of Combination Magnet for CYCIAE-100 221
  • S.M. Wei, Shizhong. An, M. Li, C. Wang, M. Yin, T.J. Zhang, X. Zheng
    CIAE, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  The high intensity compact cyclotron CYCIAE-100 being constructed at China Institue of Atomic Energy (CIAE) is designed to extract proton beam from 75MeV to 100MeV in two opposite directions by stripping foil. Two combination magnets have been designed to bend the proton beams with different energies into one common beam line. The combination magnets have been designed into the return yoke of the main magnet of CYCIAE-100 for the dynamic reason. 2 D and 3D simulation of these combination magnets has been finished, the machining of them has also been finished. The magnetic field of the combination magnets has been measured and the results show that the measurements are very closed to the calculation, indicating these two magnets can be used in the BRIF project.  
TUPSH003 Conceptual Design of a 100 MeV Injector Cyclotron 224
  • M. Li, J.J. Yang, T.J. Zhang, J.Q. Zhong
    CIAE, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  Accelerator driven system (ADS) is advanced clean nuclear energy system based on a high power accelerator, which has been proposed worldwide in recent years. Referring to the experiences from the existing PSI high power proton facility, an 800 MeV cyclotron is under design at CIAE (China Institute of Atomic Energy) as a candidate of high power proton driver. Given the extremely high beam power to be extracted, a tiny beam loss can lead to disastrous result for the cyclotron. Especially, the beam loss during extraction is the critical issue with respect to the feasibility and reliability of the design, which needs to be investigated in great detail from the very beginning. In this paper, the extraction scheme and beamline elements design are presented, and the detailed beam loss distribution during extraction will be calculated by numerical simulation with the large-scale parallel code OPAL-CYCL.