Author: Dubois, M.
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FR1PB04 GANIL Operation Status and Upgrade of SPIRAL1 470
  • O. Kamalou, O. Bajeat, F. Chautard, P. Delahaye, M. Dubois, P. Jardin, L. Maunoury
    GANIL, Caen, France
  The GANIL facility (Grand Accélérateur National d’Ions Lourds) at Caen produces and accelerates stable ion beams since 1982 for nuclear physics, atomic physics, radiobiology and material irradiation. Nowadays, an intense exotic beam is produced by the Isotope Separation On-Line method at the SPIRAL1 facility. It is running since 2001, producing and post-accelerating radioactive ion beams of noble gas type mainly. The review of the operation from 2001 to 2013 is presented. Due to a large request of physicists, the facility will be enhanced within the frame of the project Upgrade SPIRAL1. The goal of the project is to broaden the range of post-accelerated exotic beams available especially to all the condensable light elements as P, Mg, Al, Cl etc… The upgrade of SPIRAL1 is in progress and the new beams would be delivered for operation by the end of 2015.  
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