Author: An, Shizhong.
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MOPPT014 Installation and Test Progress for CYCIAE-100 61
  • T.J. Zhang, Shizhong. An, F. Yang, H. Yi
    CIAE, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  The 100 MeV high intensity compact cyclotron CYCIAE-100 being built at CIAE adopts an external ion source system, accelerates H ions up to 100 MeV and provides dual proton beams by stripping. The status at different stages, including the preliminary design*, technical design and construction preparation**, and progress***, was reported at previous conferences. The ground breaking ceremony for the building was conducted in April, 2011. Then in September of 2012, the major systems for the machine, including the 435-ton main magnet, two 46.8 kAT exciting main coils, 200-ton hydraulic elevating system with a precision of 0.02mm, high precision magnetic mapper, the 1.27m high vacuum chamber, two 100kW RF amplifiers, magnet power supplies etc., have been in place for installation. The paper will demonstrate the results of high precision machining and installation of large scale magnet, mapping and shimming with vacuum deformation, study on the multipacting effects and RF conditioning. The test results for the 18mA H ion source and injection line as well as the cryopanel and vacuum system will also be presented. The first beam is expected in the latter half of this year.
*ICCA, 2004, Tokyo, Japan
**ICCA, 2007, Giardini Naxos, Italy
***ICCA, 2010, Lanzhou, China
TUPSH002 Design and Construction of Combination Magnet for CYCIAE-100 221
  • S.M. Wei, Shizhong. An, M. Li, C. Wang, M. Yin, T.J. Zhang, X. Zheng
    CIAE, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  The high intensity compact cyclotron CYCIAE-100 being constructed at China Institue of Atomic Energy (CIAE) is designed to extract proton beam from 75MeV to 100MeV in two opposite directions by stripping foil. Two combination magnets have been designed to bend the proton beams with different energies into one common beam line. The combination magnets have been designed into the return yoke of the main magnet of CYCIAE-100 for the dynamic reason. 2 D and 3D simulation of these combination magnets has been finished, the machining of them has also been finished. The magnetic field of the combination magnets has been measured and the results show that the measurements are very closed to the calculation, indicating these two magnets can be used in the BRIF project.