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TUP007 Machine-Mode Aware Beam Loss Monitoring beam-losses, extraction, electron, monitoring 93
  • J. Dedič, M. Kobal, R. Štefanič
    Cosylab, Ljubljana
  • A. Balling, F. Frommberger, W. Hillert
    ELSA, Bonn
  Beam-loss level monitoring is a powerful diagnostic tool concerning accelerator health. Particles leave the vacuum pipe for various reasons, such as intrabeam scattering (Touschek effect), residual gas molecules, closed orbit distortions or mechanical obstacles (aperture restrictions, installation errors). These can be identified by appropriate measurements. The steady-state beam loss level varies throughout the machine and has to be measured and documented for further reference. Besides general radiation safety purposes, changes (especially increases) occurring after machine upgrades are of special interest. When simple monitoring of average beam loss fluctuations is insufficient, problem diagnostics should be further enhanced by correlating beam loss monitor (BLM) detector readout with events in the machine. For best flexibility, pulses should only be counted at certain conditions and during well defined time slots synchronized with the current machine operation cycle. In cooperation with Cosylab, such an advanced BLM acquisition system was developed for the Electron Stretcher Accelerator ELSA (University of Bonn, Germany), allowing various optimized acquisition modes.  
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TUP012 The Total-Temperature Measurements and Interlock System at the VEPP-4M Collider collider, power-supply, controls, monitoring 105
  • O. A. Plotnikova
    BINP, Novosibirsk
  • V. I. Kaplin, S. E. Karnaev, A. N. Kvashnin, S. P. Vasichev
    BINP SB RAS, Novosibirsk
  The temperature conditions affect the circulating bunches parameters in colliders. So, the permanent temperature measurements are very important for the estimation of the beam energy during the experiments with colliding beams. The system is realized in order to measure precisely temperature in a lot of points (about 500) of the VEPP-4M facility: magnet yokes, coils, air in the tunnel and electrical power connections, RF cavities, water cooling, environment. The system provides the interlock functions. In the case of overheating in measuring points the system switch off the corresponding power supplies. The system is based on using of DS1631Z Accuracy Digital Thermometers and 32-channel home-developed controller. The controllers are connected to PC via serial interface. Temperature values are renewed automatically for the all channels in each controller in 0.75 second. The program running in PC reads the data from the all controllers and transfers the temperature data to PostgreSQL database every minute. The graphic interface provides browsing of the temperature diagrams for the selected thermometers for any period of time. All the programs run under Linux.

*The precision temperature measuring system of the VEPP-4M electron-positron collider,
Proc. of RuPAC 2006, Novosibirsk

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