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WEP007 FESA - The Front-End Software Architecture at FAIR 183
  • T. Hoffmann
    GSI, Darmstadt
  The planned Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR) at GSI in Darmstadt is a very challenging task due to its dimension and complexity. Several new heavy ion accelerators have to be built and then operated in parallel and multiplexed modes. In order to cope with these unique requirements numerous collaboration partners are involved to add so-called ”in-kind contributions” to the project. Detailed guidelines and interface specifications have to be defined in advance to avoid an indefinite pool of different technologies which have to be handled by the future control system. For that purpose, GSI decided to use the Front-end Software Architecture (FESA) at the lowest level of the control system. FESA was developed by CERN and is already established for usage at LHC and its injectors. It is a framework to integrate any kind of equipment such as beam instrumentation devices, magnet power supplies, vacuum- and cryogenic components into the control system. A framework overview, its advantages, and boundary conditions provided by FESA are described.  
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