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Yamashita, A.

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TUY01 Development of Data Logging and Display System, MyDAQ2 55
  • T. Hirono, T. Matsushita, T. Ohata, A. Yamashita
    JASRI/SPring-8, Hyogo-ken
  MyDAQ* is a simple data logging and display system using a relational database. It is “a chart recorder on the web” logging data like temperature or pulse motor status. MyDAQ receives data from data taking PCs through the network, stores them to the database with timestamp and displays them as a time-chart on browser. Client users are only required to add small TCP socket sequence to their data taking program. SQL programming or proprietary client software is not required. We upgraded MyDAQ to MyDAQ2. The main features of the upgrades were (1)support of binary and text data, (2)asynchronous network communication, (3)data management functions, (4)user friendly data viewer and (5)inclusion of an installer. MyDAQ2 newly supports various types of data and provides easier access to data. For example, users can store camera image or waveform spectrum with comments in text and browse images in thumbnail or download spectrum data as a file from the web. We adopted MyDAQ2 as one of user interfaces of the newly introducing common data storage in SPring-8 beamlines. In this presentation, we shows detailed features of MyDAQ2 and discuss performance of the new data storage with MyDAQ2.

* A. Yamashita and T. Ohata, “MyDAQ, a Simple Data Logging and Display Server”, Proc. of PCaPAC’05, Hayama, Japan, 2005

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