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Tetmeyer, K. E.

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TUX01 Interfacing EPICS IOC and LabVIEW for FPGA Enabled COTS Hardware 43
  • A. Veeramani, K. E. Tetmeyer
    National Instruments, Austin
  • R. Šabjan, A. Žagar
    Cosylab, Ljubljana
  Several attempts have been made to integrate EPICS functionality with National Instruments LabVIEW. With existing EPICS code, labs want to reuse the code while still being able to use LabVIEW to interface with FPGA enabled embedded controllers and other COTS hardware. In this paper, we will show how we can run EPICS IOC simultaneously with LabVIEW on VxWorks based hardware. We will go into the implementation details and the benchmarks that will be obtained from the LANSCE-R project at Los Alamos National Labs. We will also examine ways to implement a Channel Access(CA) server natively in LabVIEW. This will open up the opportunity to use a variety of IO and different operating systems that LabVIEW can interface with. The native LabVIEW CA server will implement all Channel Access functionality exposed by a standard EPICS IOC such as synchronous and asynchronous publishing of data, alarm processing, and response to connection requests by CA clients. We will finally cover the programming of FPGA allowing for custom solutions.  
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