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Sombrowski, E.

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TUZ04 First Experiences with jddd for PETRA Vacuum Controls 74
  • E. Sombrowski, K. Rehlich
    DESY, Hamburg
  The commissioning of the rebuilt PETRA and the to be built XFEL accelerators at DESY, requires the creation of numerous new control panels. For a quick any easy creation of these panels the Java Doocs Data Display jddd [1] has been developed. jddd is a Java editor for designing and running control panels. It provides a rich set of ready-made components/widgets,e.g. status indicators, logic components to animate graphics and powerful plot components including online data analysis functionality. The panels are saved in an XML file format and kept in a centrally hosted subversion repository to allow proper bookkeeping and history tracking. Currently the PETRA vacuum controls are used as a real live test for jddd. This way the innovative concepts are being evaluated and the data access of multiple control systems, currently DOOCS, TINE and TANGO, can be optimized.

[1] E. Sombrowski, A. Petrosyan, K. Rehlich, P. Tege, "jddd: A Java Doocs Data Display for the XFEL", ICALEPCS'07, Knoxville, Tennessee, October 2007.

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