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Kamenik, J. F.

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THX01 Managing a Large Number of Projects 218
  • G. Pajor, J. F. Kamenik, P. Kolarič, I. Verstovšek, K. Žagar
    Cosylab, Ljubljana
  Cosylab is of academic origin, therefore the spirit, organization and work procedures are very much like in research institutes. In addition, we work on about two dozen projects simultaneously for customers on four continents, which requires a lot of travel and on-site work. Commercially available project management tools are not suited to manage such diversity. We have therefore adopted a set of open source tools, implemented some custom additions and integrated the tools into a coherent product to suit our purpose. Even more important than the tools are the underlining project management processes that have evolved within Cosylab over the last ten years. The processes are based on project management theory and best practices from research institutes, industry and our own experience. In this article, both the tools and the processes will be presented with relevant examples.  
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