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Chaize, J. M.C.

Paper Title Page
TUX03 Evolution and Status of the e-Logbooks at the ESRF 49
  • L. Hardy, J. M.C. Chaize, O. Goudard
    ESRF, Grenoble
  • S. D. Cross, D. R. Fraser, N. V. Hurley
    St James Software, Cape Town
  In 2004 the ESRF moved to electronic logbooks. Such logbooks should be configurable enough to be used in several situations: document management, exchange of technical information and, in the Control Room, as a powerful tool for storing and retrieving information at a glance. The St James software company developed such a product which met our constraints and which is easy to configure. Moreover, this product can be tailored and evolved with time by its users and allows automatic access to control system parameters. After gaining experience with several logbooks using the old version 4 system, a new more user-friendly version which offers extensive customisation possibilities has been launched. This new version, J5, has already been interfaced to the ESRF control system (Tango) through a Python binding. This allows automatic triggering of records on specific events and the generation of automatic reports from the history database system. J5 can use an LDAP server for security management.  
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