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Abbott, D.

Paper Title Page
MOZ04 cMsg - A Publish/Subscribe Interprocess Communication Package 28
  • E. J. Wolin, D. Abbott, V. H. Gyurjyan, E. Jastrzembski, D. Lawrence, C. Timmer
    Jefferson Lab, Newport News, Virginia
  • G. Heyes
    JLAB, Newport News, Virginia
  Publish/subscribe message passing is an extremely simple, flexible, and powerful interprocess communication paradigm. It is widely used in industry, but not nearly so in HENP, perhaps due to the cost of commercial implementations. cMsg, developed at Jefferson Lab in the US, contains a full-featured pub/sub interprocess communication package that is simple to install and use. It is very efficient, and implements both point-to-point and pub/sub communications, server redundancy, hot server failover, and a server discovery service. In addition, for developers cMsg provides a framework within which one can deploy multiple underlying communication packages that do not necessarily need to implement the full pub/sub paradigm. This allows for unification of all communication in a control system under a single API, shortens development time, and allows for simple upgrade or replacement of underlying communication packages and protocols.  
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