High Power RF Sources; Accelerator RF Structures

Title Page
Grid-Controlled Power Tubes in Particle-Accelerator Applications 76
  • M. V. Hoover
High Power Klystrons 86
  • J. V. Lebacqz
A Comparison of Triodes and Klystrons for Particle Accelerator Applications 96
  • A. J. Morris, C. A. Martin-Vegue
RF Structures for Linear Accelerators 110
  • G. W. Wheeler, S. Giordano
Design, Construction, and Testing of RF Structures for a Proton Linear Accelerator 118
  • E.A. Knapp
Accelerating Cavities for an 800-MeV SOC 128
  • N.F. Ziegler
Zero Gradient Synchrotron RF System 133
  • L. A. Klaisner, R. E. Daniels, J.H. Martin, J. McDonnell, J. R. Simanton, J. Stephenson, T. Stockdale, C. B. Turner, R. A. Winje, T. de Parry
Design of the RF Phase and Amplitude Control System for a Proton Linear Accelerator 138
  • R.A. Jameson, N. A. Lindsay, T.F. Turner
Electron Analog Tests of Proton Linear Accelerator Structure 144
  • J. E. Brolley, Jr., C. R. Emigh, D. W. Mueller
A Proposed AGS Accelerating Cavity 148
  • M. Plotkin
Numerical Studies of the Shapes of Drift Tubes and Linac Cavities 153
  • H. C. Hoyt
High-Power Test on a Cloverleaf Cavity 156
  • J. R. Parker, J. D. Doss, R. W. Freyman, E.A. Knapp, W. J. Shlaer
Resonantely Coupled Accelerating Structures for High-Current Proton Linacs 159
  • B. C. Knapp, E.A. Knapp, G.J. Lucas, J.M. Potter
An 805-Mc, 1 1/4 - MW Amplifier for Accelerator Service 166
  • D.C. Hagerman, J. D. Doss, R. W. Freyman, J. R. Parker
The Amplitron as a High Power, Efficient, RF Power Source for Long Pulse, High Resolution Linear Accelerators 169
  • T. E. Ruden
A Cyclotron Power-Amplifier RF System Using a 4CW50,000/8350 Tetrode 174
  • J. W. Osterlund, R. Smythe
Window Materials Design and Properties for Use in High Power Klystrons 180
  • R. W. Bierce, W.R. Fowkes, J. H. Jasberg
Ferrite Measurements for Synchrotron RF Accelerating System Design 185
  • Q.A. Kerns, J.E. Katz, G.S. Tool
Analysis of Resonant Radio-Frequency Coupling Systems 191
  • G.O. Hendry
Accurate Field Level and Phase Control and Monitoring for a Proton Linear Accelerator 195
  • K. Batchelor, G. Gallagher-Daggitt
Improvements in the ORIC RF System 201
  • S.W. Mosko, N.F. Ziegler
A 40-Kilovolt, 125-Ampere Hard Tube Modulator for Accelerator Service 205
  • R. W. Freyman
High Power UHF Components for DESY 208
  • G. Schaffer
Some New Radio Frequency Accelerating Structures 213
  • S. Giordano
RF System of the Grenoble 85-Inch Cyclotron 217
  • H. Leboutet, R. Jean, J. C. Schnuriger
Triodes and Klystrons at Ultra-High Frequency 222
  • O. C. Lundstrom