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Veljak, L.

Paper Title Page
WEPMS045 Power Modulators for FERMI Linac's Klystrons. 2448
  • G. C. Pappas
    SLAC, Menlo Park, California
  • G. D'Auria, P. Delgiusto, L. Veljak
    ELETTRA, Basovizza, Trieste
  The conventional line type modulators used for ELETTRA will have to be replaced for FERMI due to the increase in the pulse repetition frequency (PRF) from 10 to 50 Hz. The requirements for the FERMI modulator are as follows. The klystron used is a Thales TH2132 with a microperviance of 1.9-2.1 uA/V**(3/2). The peak voltage from the modulator is 320 kV, and the current is 350 A. The pulse width is 4.5 us, with a PRF of 50 Hz. Flat top should be better than ?0.5 % of the peak voltage. Prototypes for an upgraded line type modulator and a solid state induction type modulator[1] are in fabrication. The solid state design uses eight induction cells, each cell driven by two parallel Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT). Each IGBT will power a METGLAS 2605CO core with 4 kV and 3 kA for up to 5 us. A single turn is passed through the aperture of each of the cells, inductively adding the pulse voltages. The output from the modulator is then fed to a conventional pulse transformer to reach the 320 kV requirement. This paper presents the system design of both modulator types as well as details of the IGBT drivers, control electronics, IGBT and klystron protection and test data.

1. "NLC Hybrdi Solid State Induction Modulator" R. L. Cassel, etal, Lubeck, Germany, Linac 2004.