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Ueng, T.-S.

Paper Title Page
MOPAN099 Integrated Mechanism of Online Monitor and Archive System 392
  • Z.-D. Tsai, J.-C. Chang, T.-S. Ueng
    NSRRC, Hsinchu
  In the accelerator field, the instrumentation monitor system provides the machine online status to view, control and alert. A novel shared data engine developed by Labview provides the distributed PCs, PDAs, embedded devices, and local controllers to exchange data mutually via Ethernet or wireless Ethernet. The mechanism guarantees delivery with an additional function layer of the raw UDP protocol and usees less network bandwidth than TCP/IP. The system's main function is to introduce a platform with reliable online information about the status of the instrumentation. The users can access data with graphic view and trend view by some complementary software. Also, the users can easily take the online data via binding monitor tags without programming. The mechanism benefits all system maintenance, operation, management and analysis.  
MOPAN102 SMS Alert System at NSRRC 401
  • T.-S. Ueng, J.-C. Chang, Z.-D. Tsai
    NSRRC, Hsinchu
  SMS (Short Message Service) technology has been used extensively today in the wireless world. The Utility Group at NSRRC has developed an SMS alert and notification system with LabVIEW programming language to continuously monitor the critical signals of its utility systems. A short message will be sent immediately to the responsible people in case of critical components failure. Many critical signals in the Instrumentation Division have also been included in this system for monitoring. Since its implementation the maintenance people have been notified many times to restore the faulty system to prevent accelerator from being shutdown or to minimize the damage. The detailed methodology used will be presented here.