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Torti, R. P.

Paper Title Page
WEPMN113 A High Voltage Hard Switch Modulator for the International Linear Collider 2301
  • M. K. Kempkes, M. P.J. Gaudreau, I. Roth, R. P. Torti
    Diversified Technologies, Inc., Bedford, Massachusetts
  Under the U. S. DOE SBIR program, Diversified Technologies, Inc. (DTI) is developing a modulator to supply 135 kV, 165A, 1.5 ms pulses for the International Linear Collider. The hard-switch modulator, using DTI?s solid-state switches, will accommodate the long pulse-length required by the L-band (1.3 GHz) klystrons. To achieve required pulse flatness (0.5% at 5 Hz) without a large capacitor bank, a bouncer circuit is used to compensate the voltage droop. An LC ringer, switched separately from the main HV capacitor bank, is employed. The main storage capacitor is charged by a 185 kW DTI inverter driving a four-stage voltage multiplier. The bouncer capacitor is charged by a commercial high voltage supply. A multi-stage, high voltage switch connects the main capacitor to the load during the linear portion of the bouncer ringing transient. The inverter transformers, multiplier, bouncer inductor, capacitor, high voltage switches, main capacitor bank (90kJ), and voltage and current diagnostic probes are completely housed in oil-filled tanks. This paper describes the structure and operating theory of this switching system, and reports on its construction and initial testing.