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Stetson, J. W.

Paper Title Page
FROBAB02 Inhomogeneities in Beams Extracted from ECR Ion Sources 3789
  • J. W. Stetson
    NSCL, East Lansing, Michigan
  • P. S. Spaedtke
    GSI, Darmstadt
  Funding: This work has been supported by National Science Foundation under grant PHY-0110253 and EURONS Contract 506065

An examination of heavy ion beam profiles using viewing targets and CCD cameras at both the GSI and NSCL shows highly structured patterns. These structures generally have a 3-fold symmetry reflecting the highly-magnetized nature of the ion formation within the plasma chamber. A program of experiment and three-dimensional modeling with KOBRA3d is continuing. Results of this program to date are discussed.

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