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Ruzin, S.

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MOPAN018 Performance of the New Coupled Bunch Feedback System at HERA-p 185
  • M. G. Hoffmann, S. Choroba, F. Eints, U. Hurdelbrink, P. Morozov, Y. Nechaev, J. Randhahn, S. Ruzin, S. Simrock, V. Soloviev
    DESY, Hamburg
  A longitudinal broadband damper system to control coupled bunch instabilities (LMBF) has been installed in the 920~GeV proton accelereator HERA-p at the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY in Q4/2005. The Feedback system was fully automated, in order to relieve the operator from manual control during system operation. During comissioning in Q1/2006 it turned out that the performance goals were reached and the noise is not as much a problem as expected. The proton bunch length is significantly reduced as is the stretching of the bunches over runtime. Without additional damping the bunch length is about 1.5~ns (FWHM) at the beginning of a typical luminosity run. With the new feedback system in operation the bunch length could be decreased to 1.0 ns at best. Although the bunches get longer during the luminosity run, the integrated luminosity gain is thus up to 5%. System optimization points were found in automatic gain adjustment during acceleration ramp, oscillation level triggering and timing of kicker pulse to bunch. We describe the commissioning of the multibunch feedback system and the adjustment procedures. A performace overview after one year of operation is given.