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Koschik, A.

Paper Title Page
TUPAN088 Beam Scraping for LHC Injection 1580
  • H. Burkhardt, G. Arduini, S. Bart Pedersen, C. Fischer, JJ. G. Gras, A. Koschik, D. K. Kramer, S. Redaelli
    CERN, Geneva
  Operation of the LHC will require injection of very high intensity beams from the SPS to the LHC. Fast scrapers have been installed and will be used in the SPS to detect and remove any existing halo before beams are extracted, to minimize the probability for quenching of super-conducting magnets at injection in the LHC. We briefly review the functionality of the scraper system and report about measurements that have recently been performed in the SPS on halo scraping and re-population of tails.  
TUPAN094 PS2 Injection, Extraction and Beam Transfer Concepts 1598
  • B. Goddard, W. Bartmann, M. Benedikt, A. Koschik, T. Kramer
    CERN, Geneva
  The replacement of CERN's existing 26 GeV Proton Synchrotron (PS) machine with a separated-function synchrotron PS2 has been identified as an important part of the possible future upgrade programme of the CERN accelerator complex. The PS2 will require a number of new beam transfer systems associated with injection, extraction, beam dumping and transfer. The different requirements are briefly presented, together with an overview of the conceptual design of these systems, based on the initial PS2 parameter set. The required equipment sub-system performance is derived and discussed. Possible limitations are analysed and the impact on the overall design and parameter set is discussed.  
TUPAN097 Studies of Beam Losses from Failures of SPS Beam Dump Kickers 1607
  • T. Kramer, G. Arduini, O. E. Berrig, E. Carlier, L. Ducimetiere, B. Goddard, A. Koschik, J. A. Uythoven
    CERN, Geneva
  The SPS beam dump extraction process was studied in detail to investigate the possibility of operation with reduced kicker voltage and to fully understand the trajectory and loss pattern of the mis-kicked beams. This paper briefly describes the SPS beam dump process, and presents the tracking studies carried out for failure cases. The simulation results are compared to the results of measurements made with low intensity beams.  
TUPAN098 Beam Commissioning of the SPS LSS6 Extraction and TT60 for LHC 1610
  • B. Goddard, B. Balhan, E. H.R. Gaxiola, M. Gourber-Pace, L. K. Jensen, V. Kain, A. Koschik, T. Kramer, J. A. Uythoven, H. Vincke, J. Wenninger
    CERN, Geneva
  The new fast extraction system in LSS6 of the SPS and the first 100 m of transfer line TT60 was commissioned with low intensity beam in late 2006. The layout and functionality of the main elements are briefly explained, including the various hardware subsystems and the control system. The systems safety procedures, test objectives and measurements performed during the beam commissioning are described.