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Itou, Y.

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WEPMN037 Manufacture and Assembly of the 6 Meter-Long Cryomodules for Superconducting RF Test Facility (STF) at KEK 2122
  • T. Semba, Y. Itou, S. Kajiura, T. Masumoto, T. Tagawa
    Hitachi Ltd., Ibaraki-ken
  • S. Noguchi, N. Ohuchi, K. Saito, A. Terashima, K. Tsuchiya
    KEK, Ibaraki
  The Superconducting RF Test Facility (STF) has been developed at KEK as an R&D toward ILC (International Linear Collider). Hitachi carried out the fabrication of STF cryostat components and in si-tu assembly of cryomodules cooperated with KEK. Our objective is obtaining the manufacturing experience of long cryostats for superconducting cavities. STF cryomodules are designed on the basis of TESLA design. Those major components are : vacuum vessels, support posts, 80K radiation shields, 5K radiation shields, helium gas return pipe, cryogenic piping, cavity helium vessels, RF input couplers, various measurement equipments and sensors. Two units of 6-meter long cryostat are designed to contain maximum eight 9-cell cavities in total. At the first step of the cryomodules, two different types of cavities and some equipments have been carefully prepared and installed by KEK. This paper briefly presents the structural design of STF cryostat components, cryomodule assembly procedures with specially designed tooling, and a summary for the next step.  
THIAKI04 Recent Activities in Accelerator Construction and STF Cryomodule 2677
  • T. Semba, Y. Chida, Y. Itou, T. Tagawa, Y. Tsujioka, T. Yoshinari
    Hitachi Ltd., Tokyo
  • N. Shibata
    Hitachi High-Technologies Corp., Ibaraki-ken
  Hitachi has been involved with construction of various accelerator systems for over forty years, from small apparatuses for laboratory use to the large systems for national projects. Our recent results are: SRC (Superconducting Ring Cyclotron) sector magnets of RIKEN RI Beam Factory, J-PARC (Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex) magnets and power-supplies in JAEA, etc. And also, we have been developed capacities on manufacturing superconducting and cryogenic equipments. These are the key technologies in fundamental science researches. For these two years, we have been practically participated to construct STF (Superconducting RF Test Facility) cryomodule as an R&D equipment for the future ILC. Its two 6-meter long cryostats are designed to contain maximum eight 9-cell cavities in total. After the high-accuracy manufacturing of large vacuum vessels and cryogenic components, we assembled the entire cryomodules with specially designed jigs. Cavities and some related parts were installed by KEK. Through this work, we shared the valuable experience of manufacturing and assembling process. This paper describes our recent activities in accelerator construction and STF cryomodule.  
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