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Hong, J. S.

Paper Title Page
WEPMN053 Test of 700MHz, 1MW Proto-type Klystron for PEFP 2158
  • B. H. Chung, K.-H. Chung
    KAPRA, Cheorwon
  • J. S. Hong, J. H. Jeon, S. J. Noh
    Dankook University, Seoul
  • S. K. Ko
    University of Ulsan, Ulsan
  High power and RF source of 700MHz and 1MW klystron, which has been designed and constructed by Korean Accelerator and Plasma Research Association, has been being tested. To test the primary performance of the klystron, a pulse power supply was used to manipulate a negative high voltage. We are currently reinforcing the protection circuit, and it is going on without much trouble as originally planned. In addition, a baking furnace for the klystron is under fabrication for the ultra high vacuum of better stability. We constructed various infrastructures such as baking furnace for the development of Klystron.