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Getz, R.

Paper Title Page
WEPMS068 JLab High-Current CW Cryomodules for ERL and FEL Applications 2493
  • R. A. Rimmer, R. Bundy, G. Cheng, G. Ciovati, E. Daly, R. Getz, J. Henry, W. R. Hicks, P. Kneisel, S. Manning, R. Manus, K. Smith, M. Stirbet, L. Turlington, L. Vogel, H. Wang, K. Wilson
    Jefferson Lab, Newport News, Virginia
  • F. Marhauser
    JLAB, Newport News, Virginia
  Funding: Authored by Jefferson Science Associates, LLC under U. S. DOE Contract No. DE-AC05-06OR23177, and by The Office of Naval Research under contract to the Dept. of Energy.

We describe the developments underway at JLab to develop new CW cryomodules capable of transporting up to Ampere-levels of beam currents for use in ERLs and FELs. Goals include an efficient cell shape, high packing factor for efficient real-estate gradient and very strong HOM damping to push BBU thresholds up by two or more orders of magnitude compared to existing designs. Cavity shape, HOM damping and ancillary components are optimized for this application. Designs are being developed for low-frequency (750 MHz), Ampere-class compact FELs and for high-frequency (1.5 GHz), 100 mA configurations. These designs and concepts can easily be scaled to other frequencies. We present the results of conceptual design studies, simulations and prototype measurements. These modules are being developed for the next generation ERL based high power FELs but may be useful for other applications such as high energy light sources, electron cooling, electron-ion colliders, industrial processing etc.