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Bosland, P.

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WEPMN004 Operation of the SOLEIL RF Systems 2050
  • P. Marchand, H. D. Dias, M. D. Diop, M. E. El Ajjouri, J. L. Labelle, R. L. Lopes, M. Louvet, C. M. Monnot, F. Ribeiro, T. Ruan, R. Sreedharan, K. Tavakoli, C. G. Thomas-Madec
    SOLEIL, Gif-sur-Yvette
  • P. Bosland, P. Bredy
    CEA, Gif-sur-Yvette
  The 352 MHz RF accelerating systems for the SOLEIL Booster (BO) and Storage Ring (SR) have been commissioned. In the BO, a 5-cell copper cavity of the CERN-LEP type is powered with a 35 kW solid state amplifier. In the SR, the required RF accelerating voltage (up to 4.4 MV) and power (650 kW at full beam current of 500 mA) will be provided by two cryomodules, each containing a pair of superconducting cavities, specifically designed for SOLEIL. The parasitic impedances of the high order modes are strongly attenuated by means of four coaxial couplers, located on the tube connecting the two cavities. The first cryomodule is operational, while the second one, which is being constructed by ACCEL (Germany), will be implemented beginning of 2008. Both cryomodules will be cooled down with liquid helium from a single 350 W liquefier and each cavity is powered with a 190 kW solid state amplifier. With the first cryomodule and two amplifiers in operation, the first year objective of storing 300 mA was successfully achieved. The RF system commissioning and operation results are reported.  
THOAKI04 Status of the Cryomodules for the SPIRAL 2 Superconducting LINAC 2578
  • P. Bosland, P.-E. Bernaudin, G. Devanz, A. Perolat, C. G. Thomas-Madec
    CEA, Gif-sur-Yvette
  • S. Blivet, T. Junquera, D. Longuevergne, F. Lutton, G. Martinet, G. Olry, H. Saugnac
    IPN, Orsay
  • R. Ferdinand
    GANIL, Caen
  • M. Fruneau, Y. Gomez-Martinez, F. Vezzu
    LPSC, Grenoble
  The SPIRAL 2 superconducting linac is composed of 2 cryomodule families. The first family in the low energy section, called cryomodules A, is composed of 12 cryomodules housing a single cavity at β=0.07. The second family in the high energy section, called cryomodules B, is composed of 7 cryomodules housing 2 cavities at β=0.12. The frequency of these QWR resonators is 88.050 MHz, and the design goal for the accelerating field Eacc is 6.5 MV/m. This paper describes the present status of the cryomodules development.  
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