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Berrig, O. E.

Paper Title Page
TUPAN097 Studies of Beam Losses from Failures of SPS Beam Dump Kickers 1607
  • T. Kramer, G. Arduini, O. E. Berrig, E. Carlier, L. Ducimetiere, B. Goddard, A. Koschik, J. A. Uythoven
    CERN, Geneva
  The SPS beam dump extraction process was studied in detail to investigate the possibility of operation with reduced kicker voltage and to fully understand the trajectory and loss pattern of the mis-kicked beams. This paper briefly describes the SPS beam dump process, and presents the tracking studies carried out for failure cases. The simulation results are compared to the results of measurements made with low intensity beams.  
THPAN065 Beam Loss Map Simulations and Measurements in the CERN PS 3372
  • J. Barranco, O. E. Berrig, S. S. Gilardoni, J. B. Jeanneret, Y. Papaphilippou
    CERN, Geneva
  • G. Robert-Demolaize
    BNL, Upton, Long Island, New York
  Numerical tools providing detailed beam loss maps, recently developed for the design of the LHC collimation system, were adapted to the CERN Proton Synchrotron in order to reproduce the observed beam loss patterns. Using a MADX optics sequence model, these tools are able to track a large number of particles with Sixtrack and interact with a realistic aperture model to simulate particle losses all around the ring. The modeled loss maps were finally compared with beam loss measurements at several energies and for a variety of beams accelerated in the synchrotron.