PAC05 Particle Accelerator Conference, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, May 16-20, 2005 World Year of Physics 2005
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The PAC05 Organizing Committee, Scientific Program Committee, and Local Organizing Committee would like to acknowledge and thank the following organizations for their sponsorship and support:

American Physical Society, Division of Physics of Beams
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society

National Science Foundation
U.S. Department of Energy

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility

Special thanks to the following individuals:

Database and programming: Matt Arena (FNAL), Ivan Andrian (Elettra), Jeff Patton (ORNL/SNS), Volker Schaa (GSI)

Graphics: Renee’ Manning (ORNL/SNS), Tina Curry, LeJean Hardin, Judy Neely, Victor Pardue, Mark Robbins (ORNL)

Photography and video: Matt Arena (FNAL), Curtis Boles (ORNL), Michaela Marx (DESY), Hywel Owen (CCLRC/DL), John Smith (ORNL), Kelly Webster (JLab), Marion White (ANL)

Reproduction and Printing: Tana Helms, Brenda Hembree (ORNL)

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