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MPPE016 Hamiltonian Analysis of Transverse Dynamics in Axisymmetric RF Photoinjector focusing, emittance, space-charge, acceleration 1476
  • C.-X. Wang
    ANL, Argonne, Illinois
  A general Hamiltonian that governs the beam dynamics in an rf photoinjector is derived from first principles. With proper choice of coordinates, the resulting Hamiltonian has a simple and familiar form, while taking into account the rapid acceleration, rf focusing, magnetic focusing, and space-charge forces. From the linear Hamiltonian, beam-envelope evolution is readily obtained, which better illuminates the theory of emittance compensation. Preliminary results on the third-order nonlinear Hamiltonian will be given as well.  
TPAT019 Discussions on the Cancellation Effect on a Curved Orbit emittance, simulation, space-charge, storage-ring 1631
  • R. Li, Y.S. Derbenev
    Jefferson Lab, Newport News, Virginia
  Funding: Work supported by DOE Contract DE-AC05-84ER40150.

The canonical formulation and the cancellation effect for bunch dynamics under collective interaction on a curved orbit were presented in Ref. [*]. Some possible controversial representations of the cancellation effect were later addressed by Geloni et al.** In this study, we discuss all the points raised in Ref. [**] based on our canonical treatment, and show how these points can be perceived from the view point of the cancellation picture.

*R. Li and Ya. S. Derbenev, Jefferson Laboratory Report No. LJAB-TN-02-054, 2003. **G. Geloni et al., DESY Report No. DESY 03-165, 2003.