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WOAA005 Progress and Plans for R&D and the Conceptual Design of the ILC High Gradient Structures superconductivity, electron, linear-collider, collider 461
  • H. Padamsee
    Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
  Gradients and Q’s in the dominant ILC candidate structure have shown steady improvement, reaching 35–40 MV/m in the last year by using the best techniques of electropolishing, high pressure rinsing and 120 C baking for 48 hours. Progress and plans for t his structure will be reviewed. Above 40 MV/m, the surface magnetic field encroaches the rf critical magnetic field, believed to fall between 1750 and 2000 Oe, depending on the theory. One way to circumvent the limit is to modify the cavity shape to reduc e the ratio of peak magnetic to accelerating field. Two candidate shapes are evolving, the Re-entrant shape and the Low-Loss shape. Although field emission is aggravated by higher electric fields, it does not present a brick wall limit because high pressu re rinsing at 100 bar eliminates microparticles which cause field emission. Fundamental and higher mode properties of these new shapes will be compared with the dominant ILC candidate. Results of single and multicell cavities will be presented. The record field in a single cell re-entrant cavity is now 46 MV/m corresponding to a surface magnetic field of 1750 Oe and a surface electric field of 101 MV/m.N