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FPAT078 Supporting Cavity Production Using an Engineering Data Management System 4024
  • J. Buerger, J.A. Dammann, L. Hagge, J.I. Iversen, A. Matheisen, W. Singer
    DESY, Hamburg
  The reliable production of superconducting cavities is an essential issue for any future accelerator applying the “cold” technology. At DESY the complex manufacturing process is supported by an engineering data management system (EDMS). During the mechanical manufacturing process many quality checks are performed and their results are documented in inspection sheets, which are stored in the system and used for controlling. The EDMS further controls the subsequent preparation process by automatically creating and issuing work instructions for the treatment of the surfaces of the cavities. In parallel the necessary documentation for quality assurance is generated. The documentation is linked to the product breakdown structure; this enables users to easily navigate from inspection sheets of selected components forward to their 3D CAD model as well as back to the results of the examination of the original niobium sheet. The poster presents the structural approach for the documentation using a commercially available EDMS. Supporting the lifecycle by electronic workflow techniques is described.