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Morris, C.L.

Paper Title Page
RPAP021 A Portable Electron Radiography System 1715
  • F.E. Merrill, C.L. Morris
    LANL, Los Alamos, New Mexico
  • K. Folkman, F. Harmon, A.W. Hunt, B. King
    ISU, Pocatello, Idaho
  The technique of charged particle radiography has been developed and proven with 800 MeV protons at LANSCE and 24 GeV protons at the AGS. Recent work at Los Alamos National Laboratory in collaboration with the Idaho Accelerator Center has extended this diagnostic technique to electron radiography through the development of an inexpensive and portable electron radiography system. This system has been designed to use 30 MeV electrons to radiograph thin static and dynamic systems. The system consists of a compact 30 MeV pulsed electron linear accelerator coupled to a quadrupole lens magnifier constructed from permanent magnet quadrupoles. The design features and operational characteristics of this radiography system are presented as well as the radiographic performance parameters.  
FOAB008 Muon Radiography
  • C.L. Morris
    LANL, Los Alamos, New Mexico
  Funding: U.S. DOE.

The interaction of muons with matter is dominated by the Coulomb interaction. The Coulomb interaction can be factored into the interaction with electrons which results in continuous energy loss and eventual stopping of the charged particle with very small changes in the direction while the interaction with the atomic nuclei results in relatively larger angle changes with only small changes in the energy. Each if these interactions provides a radiographic signal which can be used to study the internal structure of objects. These radiographies will be contrasted with each other, and some data obtained with cosmic ray muons will be presented.*

*Borozdin, K.N., Hogan, G.E., Morris, C., Priedhorsky, W.C., Saunders, A., Schultz, L.J., Teasdale, M.E., "Surveillance: Radiographic Imaging with Cosmic-Ray Muons," Nature, Mar 20, 2003, v. 422, no. 6929, p. 277.