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Classification: Beam Diagnostic Instrumentation 2

Paper Title Page
WPPB006 X-Ray Imaging of the APS Storage Ring Beam Stability Effects: from the Alaskan Earthquake to Undulator Field Changes 2423
  • A.H. Lumpkin, L. Emery, B.X. Yang, C.Y. Yao (ANL)
WPPG041 Observation of Coherent Microwave Transition Radiation in the APS Linac 2688
  • G. Decker, X. Sun (ANL)
WPPG044 RHIC Transverse Injection Damping 2691
  • A. Drees, P. Cameron, R. Michnoff, C. Montag, M. Wilinski (BNL)
WPPG045 RHIC Electron Detector Signal Processing Design 2694
  • J. Gullotta, D. Gassner, D. Trbojevic, S.Y. Zhang (BNL)
WPPG047 Multi-Million-Turn Beam Position Monitors for RHIC 2697
  • T. Satogata, P. Cameron, P. Cerniglia, J. Cupolo, C. Dawson, C. Degen, J. Mead, K. Vetter (BNL)
WPPG051 Waveguide Mode Reflectometry for Obstacle Detection in the LHC Beam Pipe Including Signal Attenuation 2700
  • T. Kroyer, F. Caspers (CERN)
WPPG052 Tune Measurement Methods of the Tevatron 2703
  • C.Y. Tan, P. Lebrun, X.L. Zhang (FNAL)
WPPG054 The SNS Laser Profile Monitor Design and Implementation 2706
  • S. Assadi, A. Aleksandrov, W. Blokland, A. DeCarlo, C. Deibele, P. Gibson, W. Grice, M. Hechler, T. Hunter, J. Kelly, P. Ladd, G. Murdoch, J. Pogge, K. Potter, D. Purcell, T.J. Shea, D. Stout (ORNL)
WPPG055 Design of an Optical Diffraction Radiation Beam Size Monitor at SLAC FFTB 2709
  • Y. Fukui, D. Cline, F. Zhou (University of California, Los Angeles), M. Tobiyama, J. Urakawa (KEK), P.R. Bolton, M.C. Ross (SLAC), R. Hamatsu, P.V. Karataev, T. Muto (Tokyo Metropolitan University), A.S. Aryshev, G.A. Naumenko, A.P. Potylitsyn (Tomsk Polytechnic University)
WPPG056 Measurement of Electron Beam Divergence Using OTR-ODR Interferometry 2712
  • R. Fiorito, P.G. O'Shea, A.G. Shkvarunets (University of Maryland)
WPPG057 A New Tool for Beam-Life Research at HLS Storage Ring 2715
  • Yuxiong Li, Juexin Li, W. Li, Zuping Liu (National Synchrotron Radiation Lab)