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Keyword: x-ray

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
MOPB011 Generation of High Brightness X-Rays with the PLEIADES Thomsen X-Ray Source Compton backscattering, acceleration, bunch compression, electron gun 95
  • W. Brown, S.G. Anderson, C.P.J. Barty, J.K. Crane, R.R. Cross, D.N. Fittinghoff, F. Hartemann, J. Kuba, G.P. LeSage, D.R. Slaughter, P.T. Springer, A.M. Tremaine (LLNL), D.J. Gibson (University of California, Davis), J.B. Rosenzweig (University of California, Los Angeles)
MPPB004 Dual Canted Undulators at the Advanced Photon Source beamline, insertion-device, synchrotron-radiation 833
  • P. Den Hartog, G. Decker, L. Emery (ANL)
MPPB048 Simulation Studies of an XUV/Soft X-Ray Harmonic-Cascade FEL for the Proposed LBNL Recirculating Linac femtosecond, free-electron-laser 923
  • W. Fawley, W.A. Barletta, J. Corlett, A. Zholents (LBNL)
MPPB055 Sub-Picosecond, High Flux, Thomson X-Ray Sources at Jefferson Lab's High Power FEL brightness, femtosecond, free-electron-laser 938
  • J.R. Boyce, D. Douglas, H. Toyokawa (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility), W. Brown, F. Hartemann (LLNL)
MPPB065 Design Study for the RF Photoinjector for the MIT Bates X-Ray Laser Project emittance, free-electron-laser, gun, photoinjector 956
  • M. Farkhondeh, W.S. Graves, R. Milner, C. Tschalaer, F. Wang, A. Zolfaghari, T. Zwart, J.B. van der Laan (MIT-Bates)
MPPB066 X-Ray Laser Seeding for Short Pulses and Narrow Bandwidth attosecond, free-electron-laser, laser 959
  • W.S. Graves, M. Farkhondeh, F.X. Kaertner, R. Milner, C. Tschalaer, F. Wang, A. Zolfaghari, T. Zwart, J.B. van der Laan (MIT-Bates), D.E. Moncton (ANL), W. Fawley (LBNL)
MPPB090 Effective Source of Sharp Focused Electromagnetic Radiation of Electrons with Moderate Relativistic Energy accelerator, electron, radiation, target 1010
  • V. Grishin, S. Likhachev (Scobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics of Moscow Lomonosov State University)
MPPB092 The Concept of Beam Lines from Rhodotron for Radiation Technologies beamline, electron, industrial-accelerators, radiation 1015
  • S. Korenev (STERIS Corporation)
MPPG031 Radiation-Acoustic Monitoring of Therapeutic Beam electron, medical-accelerators, proton 1080
  • G.F. Popov, A.I. Kalinichenko, V.T. Lazurik, V.V. Tovstiak (Kharkiv National University)
TOAC007 Steps Towards X-Ray Sources Based on Linac-Driven Free-Electron Lasers free-electron-laser, linac 198
  • P. Castro (DESY)
TOAC011 FERMI@ELETTRA: the Single-Pass Free-Electron Laser for the VUV and Soft X-Ray Spectral Range at Elettra free-electron-laser, light source, linac 214
  • R.J. Bakker, C.J. Bocchetta, P. Craievich, G. D'Auria, M. Danailov, G. De Ninno, S. Di Mitri, B. Diviacco, M. Ferianis, V. Smaluk, L. Tosi, V. Verzilov (Sincrotrone Trieste)
TPAB003 Dark Current and X Ray Measurements of an 805 MHz Pillbox Cavity radio-frequency, rf breakdown, rf cavities 1183
  • J. Norem (ANL), P. Gruber (CERN), A. Bross, S. Geer, A. Moretti, Z. Qian (FNAL), D.M. Kaplan, Y. Torun (Illinois Institute of Technology), D. Li, M. Zisman (LBNL), R.A. Rimmer (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
TPPE033 Target for Production of X-Rays accelerator, electron, industrial-accelerators, target 1614
  • S. Korenev (STERIS Corporation)
TPPE034 Simulation Tool for Scanning X-Ray Beams Irradiator acceleration, electron, simulation, software 1616
  • G.F. Popov, V.M. Lazurik, V.T. Lazurik, Yu.V. Rogov (Kharkiv National University)
WPAB090 Generation of Femtosecond Electron Bunches and Hard-X-Rays by Ultra-Intense Laser Wake Field Acceleration in a Gas Jet acceleration, electron, femtosecond, laser 2258
  • M. Uesaka, T. Hosokai (University of Tokyo), K. Kinoshita, A. Zhidkov (National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS))
WPPB002 Bunch Purity Evolution during APS Storage Ring Top-up Operations storage-ring, synchrotron-radiation 2411
  • A.H. Lumpkin, T. Toellner, B.X. Yang, C.Y. Yao (ANL)
WPPB006 X-Ray Imaging of the APS Storage Ring Beam Stability Effects: from the Alaskan Earthquake to Undulator Field Changes beam profile monitor, storage-ring, synchrotron-radiation 2423
  • A.H. Lumpkin, L. Emery, B.X. Yang, C.Y. Yao (ANL)
ROAB011 Electron-Beam Size Measurement with a Beam Profile Monitor Using Fresnel Zone Plates beam profile monitor, diagnostics, instrumentation, synchrotron-radiation 530
  • N. Nakamura, K. Iida, H.R. Sakai, K. Shinoe, H. Takaki (Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo), H. Hayano, Y. Kamiya, M. Nomura (KEK), T. Koseki (RIKEN Accelerator Research Facility), N. Aoki, K. Nakayama (Toshiba Corporation), Y. Amemiya (University of Tokyo)
RPAG033 Eliminating the Spot Dilution due to Kicker Switching in DARHT-II beam-transport, electron, kicker, radiography 2960
  • Y.-J. Chen, F. Chambers, A.C. Paul, J.A. Watson, J. Weir (LLNL)
FOAA006 Facilities for Industrial Customers at the Daresbury Synchrotron Radiation Source (SRS) industrial-accelerators, synchrotron-radiation 708
  • E. Towns-Andrews, E.J. MacLean (Daresbury Laboratory)
FOAA009 Gamma-Ray Computerized Tomography Using 10 MeV Laser-Compton Photon Beam Compton backscattering, industrial-accelerators, light source, synchrotron-radiation 713
  • H. Toyokawa, T. Mikado, H. Ogawa, N. Sei, K. Yamada, M. Yasumoto (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), H. Ohgaki (Kyoto University), N. Aoki, N. Kobayashi (Toshiba Corporation)
FPAB022 Pulsed HV Electron Gun with Thermionic Cathode for the Soft X-Ray FEL Project at SPring-8 cathode, electron gun, emittance, free-electron-laser 3332
  • K. Togawa, K. Onoe, T. Shintake (SPring-8), H. Baba (RIKEN Harima Institute in SPring-8), T. Ishizuka (Sumitomo Heavy Industries)