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Keyword: x-band

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
MPPB009 Lattice Options for a 5 GeV Light Source at Cornell energy-recovery, light source, longitudinal-dynamics 842
  • I. Bazarov, G.H. Hoffstaetter (Cornell University)
TPAE015 Design of an X-band, 50Mw, Multiple Beam Klystron klystron, radio-frequency, rf cavities 1110
  • L. Ives, P. Ferguson, D. Marsden, G. Miram, M. Mizuhara, L. Song (Calabazas Creek Research, Inc.)
TPAE022 Performance of X-Band Pulsed Magnicon Amplifier linear-collider, radio-frequency 1128
  • O.A. Nezhevenko, V.P. Yakovlev (Omega-P, Inc.), E.V. Kozyrev (BINP), A.K. Kinkead (LET Corporation), A.W. Fliflet, S.H. Gold (Naval Research Laboratory), J.L. Hirshfield (Omega-P, Inc. and Yale University)
TPAB031 Status of X-band Standing Wave Structure Studies at SLAC rf breakdown, standing wave 1264
  • V.A. Dolgashev, C. Adolphsen, G. Bowden, D.L. Burke, R.M. Jones, J.R. Lewandowski, Z. Li, R. Loewen, R.H. Miller, C.-K. Ng, C. Pearson, R.D. Ruth, S.G. Tantawi, J.W. Wang, P. Wilson (SLAC)
TPAB034 Circuit and Scattering Matrix Analysis of the Wire Measurement Method of Beam Impedance in Accelerating Structures impedance, simulation, wakefield 1270
  • R.M. Jones, N. Baboi, S.G. Tantawi (SLAC), N.M. Kroll (University of California, San Diego)
TPAB038 Use of Acoustic Emission to Diagnose Breakdown in Accelerator RF Structures accelerator, rf breakdown 1279
  • M.C. Ross, J. Frisch, K. Jobe, F. Le Pimpec, D. McCormick, J. Nelson, T. Smith (SLAC)
TPPG041 A Method for Tuning Dielectric Loaded Accelerating Structures accelerator, dielectric, rf-structure, wakefield 1888
  • A. Kanareykin (Euclid Concepts LLC), W. Gai, J.G. Power (ANL), E. Nenasheva (Ceramics Ltd., St. Petersburg), S. Karmanenko, I. Sheinman (St. Petersburg Electrical Engineering University)
ROAA007 Status of the GLC X-Band Power Source R&D klystron, linear-collider, modulator, radio-frequency 479
  • Y.H. Chin (KEK)
ROAA010 High Power Testing of X-Band Dielectric-Loaded Accelerating Structures RF coupler, accelerator, dielectric, rf breakdown 492
  • J.G. Power, W. Gai, C. Jing, R. Konecny, W. Liu (ANL), A.K. Kinkead (LET Corporation), S.H. Gold (Naval Research Laboratory)
ROPC011 Feedback on Nanosecond Timescales (FONT): Results from First Beam Tests at the NLCTA at SLAC beam position monitor, feedback, kicker, linear-collider 687
  • P.N. Burrows (Queen Mary College, University of London)