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Keyword: tune

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
MPPB010 Lifetime Reduction due to Insertion Devices at BESSYII dynamic-aperture, insertion-device, lifetime, light source 845
  • J. Feikes (Cornell University), G. Wüstefeld (BESSY)
MPPB012 Chromaticity Measurements in the ESRF Booster acceleration, booster, chromatic-effects 851
  • Y. Papaphilippou, G. Chazot, J.M. Koch, E. Plouviez, J.L. Revol, A. Ropert (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility)
MPPG029 Application of Statistical Process Control (SPC) in the Manufacturing of Medical Accelerators industrial-accelerators, medical-accelerators, radio-frequency, software 1077
TPAB089 Magnetostrictive Tuners for SRF Cavities Lorentz force, microphonics, superconducting-rf 1407
  • C.H. Joshi, A. Mavanur, C.-Y. Tai (Energen, Inc.), T. Grimm (National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory)
WPPB023 Upgrades to the Digital Receiver-based Low-Intensity Beam Diagnostics for CERN AD. antiproton, diagnostics, digital signal processing, instrumentation 2461
  • M.E. Angoletta, D. Belohrad, L. Bojtar, A. Findlay, M. Ludwig, F. Pedersen (CERN), O. Marqversen (TERMA A/S, Radar Systems)
ROAB009 RHIC Third Generation PLL Tune System betatron, diagnostics, feedback, instrumentation 524
  • P. Cameron, J. Cupolo, W. Dawson, C. Degen, A. DellaPenna, M. Kesselman, A. Marusic, J. Mead, C. Schultheiss, R. Sikora, K. Vetter, J. van Zeijts (BNL)
RPAG012 Optics Studies for the CERN Proton Synchrotron: Linear and Nonlinear Modelling Using Beam Based Measurements lattice, optics, transverse-dynamics 2913
  • M. Giovannozzi, R. Cappi, E. Métral, G. Métral, M. Martini, R. Steerenberg (CERN), A.-S. Müller (Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe)
RPAG018 Ion Production and Tune Shift in the Recycler Ring antiproton, ion-effects 2928
  • K. Gounder, J.P. Marriner, C.S. Mishra (FNAL)
RPPB076 Simulation of Beam-Electron Cloud Interactions in Circular Accelerators Using Plasma Models accelerator, beam-transport, electron cloud, plasma 3174
  • A.Z. Ghalam, T.C. Katsouleas (University of Southern California), V. Decyk, C. Huang, W.B. Mori (University of California, Los Angeles)
RPPG007 Probing the Non-Linear Dynamics of the ESRF Storage Ring with Experimental Frequency Maps dynamic-aperture, non-linear-dynamics, resonance 3189
  • Y. Papaphilippou, L. Farvacque, A. Ropert (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility), J. Laskar (BDL, Paris)
RPPG029 Experimental Measurements of 2-Dimensional Nonlinear Resonances coupling, non-linear-dynamics, resonance, transverse-dynamics 3237
  • T.S. Ueng, J. Chen, K.T. Hsu, K.H. Hu, C.H. Kuo (Synchrotron Radiation Research Center)
RPPG043 Linear and Nonlinear Optics Studies in the ANKA Storage Ring dynamic-aperture, lattice, light source, optical-matching 3273
  • A.-S. Müller, I. Birkel, E. Huttel, F. Perez, M. Pont, R. Rossmanith (Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe)
RPPG046 Single-Bunch Injection System for the LNLS Booster Injector controls, instrumentation, light source, single-bunch 3279
  • P.F. Tavares, S.R. Marques, H.J. Onisto (Laboratório Nacional de Luz Sìncrotron, Brazil)
FPAB031 Tune and Coupling Drift Compensation during the Tevatron Injection Porch coupling 3359
  • M. Martens, G. Annala, P. Bauer (FNAL)