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Keyword: thermal

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
MPPE019 Further Experience with the SLC Permanent Magnetic (PM) Multipoles magnetic measurements, permanent-magnet, radioactivity, sextupole 779
  • J. Spencer, S. Mao, C.M. Spencer (SLAC)
MPPB047 Photoinjector RF Cavity Design for High Power CW FEL free-electron-laser, photoinjector, rf cavities 920
  • R.L. Wood, S. Kurennoy, D.L. Schrage, L.M. Young (LANL), V. Christina, J.W. Rathke, T.J. Schultheiss (Advanced Energy Systems)
TPAB071 Simulation of Quench Dynamics in SRF Cavities under Pulsed Operation finite element, quench, simulation, superconducting-rf 1365
  • S.-H. Kim (ORNL)
TPAG012 Lithium Collection Lens Filling Process for Fermilab Antiproton Source antiproton, finite element, instrumentation, septum 1449
  • R. Schultz, P. Hurh (FNAL)
TPAG020 Beam Dump Window Design for the Spallation Neutron Source beamline, maintenance, vacuum 1467
  • S. Henderson, A. DeCarlo, S.-H. Kim, G. Murdoch, K. Potter, T. Roseberry (ORNL), J. Rank, D. Raparia (BNL)
TPAG025 Air Temperature Control Improvement for the Storage Ring Tunnel instability 1482
  • J.C. Chang, J.R. Chen, C.Y. Liu (Synchrotron Radiation Research Center)
WPAE026 Measurements of Beam Driven Hydrodynamic Turbulence beam-cooling, cooling water 1999
  • J. Norem (ANL), E. Black (Illinois Institute of Technology), L. Bandura, M.A.C. Cummings (Northern Illinois University), D. Errede (University of Illinois)
WPAB030 Status of the UCLA PEGASUS Laboratory cathode, free-electron-laser, instrumentation, radiation 2110
  • G. Andonian, P. Frigola, S. Reiche, J.B. Rosenzweig, S. Telfer, G. Travish (University of California, Los Angeles)
WPAG014 RF Heating and Temperature Oscillations due to a Small Gap in a PEP-II Vacuum Chamber beamline, higher-order-mode, storage-ring, wakefield 2294
  • A. Novokhatski, J. Seeman, M. Sullivan (SLAC)
RPAB033 Results of the IPHI Drift Tube Linac's Hot Model CW Tests cw, drift tube linac (DTL), electromagnetic-fields, proton 2799
  • P.-E. Bernaudin, G. Congretel (CE Saclay), P. Balleyguier (French Atomic Energy Commission), A. Fontenille, E. Froidefond, M. Fruneau, D. Marchand, M. Planet, J.-C. Ravel (LPSC Grenoble)
RPAB055 RIA Fragmentation Line Beam Dump accelerator, shock hydrodynamics, target 2847
  • W. Stein (LLNL)
RPAB058 Numerical Design and Optimization of Cooling System for 2 MeV Traveling Wave Accelerator cooling water, finite element, linac, simulation 2852
  • L. Shen, L. Cao, Shaoqing Li, Xiaoguang Li, J. Yao (University of Science and Technology of China), D. Jiang, Y.J. Pei (National Synchrotron Radiation Lab)
ROPB009 Accelerator Magnet Plugging by Metal Oxides: A Theoretical Investigation, Remediation and Preliminary Results cooling water, magnet-design, maintenance 635
  • W.W. Rust (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)