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Keyword: parallel computing

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
TPAB072 The Numerical Analysis of Higher-Order Modes for Superconducting RF Cavity at SRRC impedance, light source, superconducting-rf, wakefield 1368
  • P.J. Chou (Synchrotron Radiation Research Center)
RPAG017 Fermilab Booster Modeling and Space Charge Study booster, collective-effects, simulation, space-charge 2925
  • W. Chou, A. Drozhdin, P. Lucas, J.-F. Ostiguy (FNAL)
FOAB012 Simulation of Ionization Effects for High-Density Positron Drivers in Future Plasma Wakefield Experiments plasma accelerator, positron, simulation, wakefield 734
  • D.L. Bruhwiler, J.R. Cary, D.A. Dimitrov (Tech-X Corporation), E. Esarey, W.P. Leemans (LBNL)
FPAB059 Parallel Computation of Beam-Beam Interactions Including Longitudinal Motion algorithms, beam-beam-effects, simulation 3404
  • F.W. Jones (TRIUMF), W. Herr (CERN)
FPAG011 LIONS_LINAC: A New Particle in Cell Code for Linacs collective-effects, linac, non-linear-dynamics, space-charge 3488
  • P. Bertrand (Grand Accelerateur National d'Ions Lourds)
FPAG030 PARSEC: Parallel Self-Consistent 3D Electron-Cloud Simulation in Arbitrary External Fields electron cloud, finite element, space-charge, storage-ring 3524
  • A. Adelmann, M. Furman (LBNL)